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Year in Review: 2017 Highlights

Posted by on Jan 27, 2018 in Featured Blogs | 0 comments

Year 2017 for me, turned out to be a year of fortunes, ultimate success and full of life. Out of the all the memories, I am listing down a few that makes me feel really special and privileged, to have lived each moment in real life. I see this blog “Year in Review: 2017 Highlights” as a medium to say thanks and pay gratitude to everyone who helped and supported me in my journey and I would always need you all by my side, Thanks so much. With all the support, positives vibes and good luck wishes from all my dearest friends, family and everyone around, I don’t want...

See you at Dreamforce 17

Posted by on Oct 31, 2017 in Featured Blogs | 0 comments

My Dreamforce journey has been a roller coaster ride till now. Dreamforce 16 will always be special because it was my first one as a Salesforce MVP. Last year, I was also awarded for APAC Office Hours  by Holly and I take that as a proud milestone and has helped me double my enthusiasm. I am coming back to #DF17 this year as the co-founder of the biggest dreamin event across the globe – India Dreamin and another year with Dazeworks Family. I hope last year was the beginning of many more amazing Dreamforce experiences and this year it will be with more excitement, learning, networking and fun. I am...

Learn how to test your Rest API’s in Salesforce

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Featured Blogs, Tutorials | 1 comment

Being a Developer its a big plus having knowledge implementing Webservices and more complex is the environment to Test those. I very often come across questions about “Testing the REST API’s” so I cannot resist sharing some great amount of knowledge for all new developers with this blog “Learn how to test your Rest API’s in Salesforce”. Everyone is aware about the two very common tools “Workbench” & “Postman”, these offer you some seriously amazing features to test your REST API’s. In this blog I’ll explain some working examples of the Same with building oAuth, Demo class, Basic JSON with examples and explanation. Let’s Start: Here is a Sample Apex...

AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 4)

Posted by on Apr 13, 2017 in AppExchange App Reviews, Featured Blogs | 0 comments

AppExchange App Review Series Part – 4 is a part of blog series – AppExchange App Review Series which is inclined to help you in selection process for the reason I’ll try picking up & installing newly added applications randomly and provide you on-hands detailed information about work ability of that app and prospects down the line. Like there’s a different key to every lock, different solution to every problem and different opinion for every thought, in the same way there are many solutions to a given requirement.All we need to decide is which one best suites our requirement in terms of business possibilities, cost-effectiveness, usability, enhancements, efforts and...

Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 5 (Switch Screens Using Lightning Events)

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 in Blog Series, Featured Blogs, Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples, Tutorials | 1 comment

Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 5 (Switch Screens Using Lightning Events) is the fifth part of the series – “Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples” where We would share the key practical examples and experience with lightning.We are focusing on Lightning Components for now. Background,Blog Contributors and Pre-Requisites To get started for this blog you need to fulfill all the Pre-requisites mentioned here.In this link,you will also get to know the background and blog contributors for this series. Switch Screens Using Events Business Case: Adam is working as a Senior Application Developer in Universal Containers. Company wants to move their traditional (classic version )recruitment app to lighting. Adam needs to...