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Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Featured Blogs, Tutorials | 7 comments

Roll Up Summary Field in Salesforce

Summarizing Roll Up Summary Field… Roll Up Summary Field is used in a master-detail relationship to calculate values in a related record of a master record. Roll Up Summary Field is available in both classic and lightning experience.Summary fields summarize the values from records on a related object, so the object on which you create the field should be on the master side of a master-detail relationship.You can review  permissions and required and the Salesforce editions for which Roll Up Summary Field is available from help article The value calculated by a roll up summary field on a detail record is based on pre-defined functions such as count, sum, min, max which is then displayed by a custom field on a master record.Below are the predefined functions as well: COUNT-Totals the number of related records. SUM-Totals the values in the field you select in the Field to Aggregate option. Only number, currency, and percent fields are available. MIN-Displays the lowest value of the field you select in the Field to Aggregate...

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Know Your Answers Community Leaders- Geoffrey Flynn (Salesforce MVP)

  Being Inspired by Blog Series – Kevin Bacon by Eric ,Girly Geek By Lauren ,Admin Hero By Brent  & the Answers Community forum of which I have been part from a long time,I decided to put a blog series on our awesome Salesforce Answers Community Leaders. I hope that Salesforce Community Members,Learners,Aspirants,Experts and others will get motivated and inspired by the Stories of  our Community Leaders and will help them know better our Leaders who are addicted to answering their questions. Special thanks to Eric and Phoebe  for helping me for getting started. So here I am with my First post in this Series introducing  our Salesforce MVP-Geoffrey  Flynn  (Thanks to him as well).You can connect with him on  Twitter , Success community, Linked In .You can check his blogs on his  Website  as well(They are Awesome,Trust Me). Tell Us About Yourself ?   I’m a Salesforce consultant living in Toronto, Canada. I’m relatively new to the platform having only been working on  it since 2011. I started out by being told I was in charge of implementing this...

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Salesforce Lightning Connect-Fast and Real Time Connect with External Data

As We Know that there is always something happening in Salesforce,In late 2014, Salesforce introduced a new way of  connecting with external systems where easily configured, a simple yet powerful point and click interface will do all the job for you!! Lets explore the Salesforce Lightning Connect!! What Exactly Salesforce Lightning Connect is? Lightning Connect is a framework that enables you to access and use external data stored outside Salesforce It integrate tables from SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, and many other data sources, in real time, without writing a single line of code. It is different from  extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools. How External Objects are different from  Custom Objects? External objects are similar to custom objects, except that they map to data that’s stored outside your Salesforce organization. Each external object relies on an external data source definition to connect with the external system’s data. Each external object definition maps to a data table on the external system. Each of the external object’s fields maps to a table...

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