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Posted by on Aug 30, 2015 in Featured Blogs, Noida Salesforce User Group | 2 comments

Story of First Noida User Group Event -Meet the New Salesforce

I was updated by Salesforce Team on 1st August that we have a official User Group in Noida now…and then after a week I found that there is an event which is conducted by more than 100 Salesforce User and Developer Groups worldwide.Since I was very new to the system,I somehow managed to get the complete info and decided to take this up..and here we started writing a history…. Salesforce has planned for an announcement on 26th August which was completely a secret for all of us  and a Fireside Chat with Parker Harris on 27th August for all those who were not able to make up on 26th. Unfortunately,We were on the second list due to IST Odd Timings. Being a User Group Leader,It was my responsibility to know about the 26th August Event as well,so I was awake till Morning and guess what I won a prize for the secret question as well. On 27th August evening time IST,We were all set for the event.We got a very...

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Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Featured Blogs, Salesforce Formulas Examples, Tutorials | 1 comment

Learn Salesforce Formulas with Examples-Part 5

  Inspired by a lot of problems related to formulas posted in Answers Community ,I decided to put blog series “Learn Salesforce Formulas with Examples“  and here I am with fifth post in the Series. Main motive for this blog is not to teach you how to begin with formula but how to keep a grip and make a better understanding on it..So stay tuned and I will be providing a lot of examples with explanations in this series which would help you understand more about formulas Example 21 User wants to create a formula Date field on Opportunity which will return end date of the following quarter after an opportunity has been marked “Closed Won”. IF( AND( ISPICKVAL(StageName, “Closed Won”), YEAR(CloseDate) = YEAR(TODAY()) ), IF(MONTH(CloseDate)<=3,DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), 6,30), IF(MONTH(CloseDate)<=6,DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), 9,30), IF(MONTH(CloseDate)<=9,DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), 12,31),DATE(YEAR(TODAY())+1, 3,31)))), NULL) Explanation:  so majorly the above formula explains the return of last date of quarter Example 22 User needs to add a dynamic hyperlink to a text or formula field. There is a field- ABC which is added to a SFDC...

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