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Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples – Matrix Reports with Custom Summary Formula

Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples – Matrix Reports with Custom Summary Formula is the part of the series “Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples” where I will be sharing some key features for the Salesforce Reports which is an inspiration from a similar series on formulas – “Learn Salesforce Formulas with Examples ” and the numerous related queries on Answers Community . Hereby, I bring you the first post in the series – Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples – Matrix Reports with Custom Summary Formula If you are hearing the word “Custom Summary Formula ” or “Matrix Reports” for the first time,I would suggest you to check the official documentation for Custom Summary Formula and How to create Matrix Report first and then come back again.Also would suggest you to go through Reporting Workbook as well.Now Let’s deep dive into how to use custom summary formula with an example: Scenario An Administrator wants to create an Opportunity matrix report which should be such that it calculates the % of Opportunity Amount that is closed...

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Know Your Answers Community Leaders- Sharif Shaalan (Salesforce MVP)

  Welcome to the sixth post of Know Your Salesforce Answers Community Leaders  blog series!! Inspired by Blog Series – Kevin Bacon by Eric ,Girly Geek By Lauren ,Admin Hero By Brent  & the Answers Community forum of which I have been part from a long time,I decided to put this series and I hope that Stories of  our Answers Community Leaders will motivate and inspire other Salesforce Community Members to contribute to community and know the guys who answer their questions 🙂 Special thanks to Eric and Phoebe  for helping me to get started. Here I am with another post in  “Know Your Salesforce Answers Community Leaders” featuring – Sharif Shaalan. You can connect with him on Twitter ,Linked In, Success community and check out his blogs  as well. Tell Us About Yourself ? I have a sales background and had always been in sales positions as a top seller in the companies I worked for. This is where I was first introduced to Salesforce, as a user at a few of the companies I worked for. In 2007 I found...

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Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 Tips by Kelly Kanches

  Congrats to Kelly Kanches for recently passing Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 . I did approach Kelly to congrats  her and within that converstion ,We decided to share her  Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 Passing Tips and Since Kelly doesn’t run any blogs for now,We decided to put it here.Thanks Kelly for taking this Step ! Although there have been awesome blogs already  on the exam tipssuch as sfdc99 guide ,recent post by my friend Jennifer Lee,Tips by Salesforce Ben and many more..But I think it is always good to have more content to share on such topics.Let’s hear what she says- I think it is important to note that Salesforce always does an excellent job of testing your knowledge and this was the most difficult exam I have taken so far. In saying that, you will need to really understand the topic and read the questions. Read the question more than once and read the answers carefully! I say this because there are trick questions everywhere and one word in...

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