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Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Blog Series, Featured Blogs, Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples, Tutorials | 8 comments

Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples – Using Cross Filters

Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples Using Cross Filters  is the second part of the series “Learn Salesforce Reports with Examples” where I will be sharing some key features for the Salesforce Reports which is an inspiration from a similar series on formulas – “Learn Salesforce Formulas with Examples ” and the numerous related queries on Answers Community .This post is also inspired by “Data Cleansing and Analysis with Cross-Filters” session by Geoffrey Flynn (Salesforce MVP) Let us first understand what Cross Filters are? Cross filters work like ordinary filters, but they have some special characteristics of their own.They can filter results by related objects.You can use cross filters to include or exclude records in your report results based on related objects and their fields.If you haven’t,Please check here how to create a Cross Filter.You can also watch this video to get some more insight about it. How Cross Filters are used in Reports? You can use cross filters to filter a report by an object’s child objects using: WITH conditions: For...

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Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Featured Blogs, Noida Salesforce User Group | 2 comments

Noida Salesforce User Group Event with Zachary Jeans #SFIndiaTour

Noida Salesforce User Group  organized another successful event on 26th May Sunday, –Noida Salesforce User Group Event with Zachary Jeans #SFIndiaTour. First  of All I would like to thank our Noida Salesforce User Group members for such an awesome support and making this event a huge success !We have now almost 200 members in a year and 75+ attendees in this event.Summarizing here about what We did this time: Agenda 04:30 PM – 05:15 PM – Welcome Keynote by  Zachary Jeans 05:15 PM – 05:45 PM –  SF Community with Q&A by Eric Dreshfield 05:45 PM – 06:15 PM – Snacks & Networking 06:30 PM – 07:30 PM – Session on Jenkins by Abhinav Gupta 07:00 PM – 07:30 PM – Fun Games/Selfies/Swags Time There are few things,I really wanted to share about this event : Salesforce India Tour Salesforce India Tour was Led by Zachary Jeans in 14 cities, 16+ meet ups, over 30 day in India from May 22 – June 21 2016 .It’s more of a #EpicTour. Zachary  planned to travel...

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