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Posted by on Dec 29, 2016 in Blog Series, Featured Blogs, Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples | 2 comments

Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 4 (Select and Export records in Lightning Component)

Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 4 (Select and Export records in Lightning Component) is the fourth part of the series – “Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples” where We would share the key practical examples and experience with lightning.We are focusing on Lightning Components for now. Background,Blog Contributors and Pre-Requisites To get started for this blog you need to fulfill all the Pre-requisites mentioned here.In this link,you will also get to know the background and blog contributors for this series. Select and Export records in Lightning Component Business Case: Adam is working as a Senior Application Developer in Universal Containers. Company wants to move their traditional (classic version )recruitment app to lighting. Adam needs to do a Proof of Concept by building a custom lighting component for creating the Candidate’s record into Salesforce. Now that he has created the first ,second and third part which is explained here,He would like to showcase even users know how to export a list of selected records using a simple button. Solution: Before getting started,Adam...

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AppExchange App Review Series Part 1

AppExchange App Review Series Part – 1 is a  part of blog series which is inclined to help you in selection process for the reason I’ll try picking up & installing newly added applications randomly and provide you on-hands detailed information about work ability of that app  and prospects down the line. Like there’s a different key to every lock, different solution to every problem and different opinion for every thought, in the same way there are many solutions to a given requirement.All we need to decide is which one best suites our requirement in terms of business possibilities, cost-effectiveness, usability, enhancements, efforts and prospects. Salesforce provides widest range of products and applications which are already developed that might suite your requirement and help you in generating businesses out of it, all you need to diagnose is which application is much closer to match your requirement and how can you customize it accordingly. There’s one “Suite” where all the answers to your problem resides, we call it “App-Exchange”. All...

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Noida Salesforce User Group Event New Year 2017 Celebration

Noida Salesforce User Group Event  New Year 2017 Celebration was just another successful event this festive season 18th Dec’2016. As we are now moving towards the end of Year 2016 so we planned why not to connect with our members and share the Success story of our group and list down our achievements this year and finally to welcome 2017 and design a plan to add on to the success of this group. This day will be remembered as we had lots of fun with learning. We also Reviewed year 2016 to pose back to see what all crazy stuff we did that helped us being successful. Also, we “shout-out“ for members of Noida Salesforce User Group who really made peerless contributions not just to our group but also tried their heart out to contribute towards our Awesome Salesforce Community, we salute them. Everyone enjoyed the keynotes and motivation session by our favorite one, Vinay Chaturvedi, who shared how we started and kept on growing ever since, Vinay helped us identifying how/where/ways to contribute...

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Noida Student Salesforce Developer Group event at G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management

Noida Student Salesforce Developer Group event at  G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management,another epic event was successfully organized on November 12th ‘2016 (Saturday). It was a larger participation and great platform for students to get connected with Professional Mentors working on Salesforce Platform. We made Students aware of various vertices and possibilities for them in Salesforce and spread awareness about what changes “Salesforce” brought into the field of conventional Software Industry with Cloud and its features. This amazing Meetup included an overview of the Cloud computing, Salesforce CRM, platform, benefits of and an overview of Trailhead to evangelize Students and help them design a successful career with the help of Salesforce. Before moving any further, We would like to thank our Group members, Volunteers and Staff at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management for such awesome support and all the Help and Collaboration in the making of such enormous success tale! This is the genuine excellence of Salesforce. This was really an unbelievable crowd we faced,...

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