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Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 5 (Switch Screens Using Lightning Events)

Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 5 (Switch Screens Using Lightning Events) is the fifth part of the series – “Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples” where We would share the key practical examples and experience with lightning.We are focusing on Lightning Components for now. Background,Blog Contributors and Pre-Requisites To get started for this blog you need to fulfill all the Pre-requisites mentioned here.In this link,you will also get to know the background and blog contributors for this series. Switch Screens Using Events Business Case: Adam is working as a Senior Application Developer in Universal Containers. Company wants to move their traditional (classic version )recruitment app to lighting. Adam needs to do a Proof of Concept by building a custom lighting component for creating the Candidate’s record into Salesforce. Now that he has created the first ,second and third part which is explained here,He would like to showcase even users know how to switch screens using lightning events. Solution: Before getting started,Adam makes sure that he doesn’t miss any pre-requisites mentioned...

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Know About Winter 2017 Class of Salesforce MVPs

“Know About Winter 2017 Class of Salesforce MVPs” blog has been crafted as a tribute to Salesforce Community as Salesforce has recently announced winter 2017 class of Salesforce MVPs. What would be the better way to congratulate other than telling the world about them? So here I am with this post congratulating all new MVPs with a bit of introduction about them and what awesome contribution they made in the Salesforce World! My heartiest congrats to all the renewed MVPs as well. Let’s deep dive into 19 new Salesforce MVPs…. Adrian Larson (Twitter | LinkedIn | Stack-Exchange) Adrian is Salesforce Certified Developer / Architect at Counsyl in San Francisco, CA. He is an awesome technical intellectual with more than 1800 answers over stack-exchange.   Akira Kuratani (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blogs | Github) Akira Kuratani is another name to the list hales from Japan, Archtect and QA Engineer at TeamSpirit Inc.(Salesforce Gold ISV Partner) and co-leader of Tokyo Salesforce Developer Group. He’s 3x Salesfore Certified and holding study sessions organized by the Tokyo Salesforce Developer Group and...

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