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See you at Dreamforce 17

My Dreamforce journey has been a roller coaster ride till now. Dreamforce 16 will always be special because it was my first one as a Salesforce MVP. Last year, I was also awarded for APAC Office Hours  by Holly and I take that as a proud milestone and has helped me double my enthusiasm. I am coming back to #DF17 this year as the co-founder of the biggest dreamin event across the globe – India Dreamin and another year with Dazeworks Family. I hope last year was the beginning of many more amazing Dreamforce experiences and this year it will be with more excitement, learning, networking and fun. I am speaking at Dreamforce ’17 Dev Zone Parker Harris once said, “Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customers’ data”, and we can’t agree more. Enter Salesforce Shield, a world-class security tool belt at your fingertips which offers enterprise-level security features to help customers secure Salesforce data. Join me to learn how you can utilize these...

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