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Year in Review: 2017 Highlights

Year 2017 for me, turned out to be a year of fortunes, ultimate success and full of life. Out of the all the memories, I am listing down a few that makes me feel really special and privileged, to have lived each moment in real life. I see this blog “Year in Review: 2017 Highlights” as a medium to say thanks and pay gratitude to everyone who helped and supported me in my journey and I would always need you all by my side, Thanks so much. With all the support, positives vibes and good luck wishes from all my dearest friends, family and everyone around, I don’t want to miss this opportunity saying “You all are so awesome!” Here are some awesome highlights: Journey to COO It’s almost 2 years when  I joined Dazeworks family. Thanks to Shiv for giving me an opportunity to work with such motivated team. Few months back, I was promoted to  “Chief Operating officer” at Dazeworks.It has been a long and exciting journey from...

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