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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Featured Blogs, Tutorials, Whats Happening | 11 comments

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 Tips by Kelly Kanches

  Congrats to Kelly Kanches for recently passing Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 . I did approach Kelly to congrats  her and within that converstion ,We decided to share her  Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 Passing Tips and Since Kelly doesn’t run any blogs for now,We decided to put it here.Thanks Kelly for taking this Step ! Although there have been awesome blogs already  on the exam tipssuch as sfdc99 guide ,recent post by my friend Jennifer Lee,Tips by Salesforce Ben and many more..But I think it is always good to have more content to share on such topics.Let’s hear what she says- I think it is important to note that Salesforce always does an excellent job of testing your knowledge and this was the most difficult exam I have taken so far. In saying that, you will need to really understand the topic and read the questions. Read the question more than once and read the answers carefully! I say this because there are trick questions everywhere and one word in...

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2016 in Featured Blogs, Salesforce Success Community, Whats Happening | 5 comments

Know About New 2016 ‘s First Class Of Salesforce MVPs

Salesforce has recently  announced their  2016’s first class of Salesforce MVPs. What would be the better way to congratulate other than telling the world about them?So here I am with this post congratulating all new MVPs with a bit of intro about them and what awesome they do in Salesforce World! My heartiest congrats to all the renewed MVPs as well 🙂 Let’s deep dive into these new 26 Salesforce MVPs…. Alex Tennant (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog | GitHub) Alex is Certified Platform Developer I & II, Advanced Administrator, Sales & Service Cloud Consultant at Desynit ,United Kingdom.He is an awesome contributor to StackExchange and GitHub.If you haven’t read his blogs yet,do not miss them I love his blog “Named Credentials in Apex“.Want to Know more about him?Check here. Agustina Garcia (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog) Agustina is a certified Advanced Developer and currently working as Principal Developer  at .She is the founder of North Spain Salesforce Developer Group and is an awesome Blogger.One of my favorite is about Lightning...

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Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members

  Salesforce Success Community  has recently crossed 2 Million Members! Awesome Achievement!! Salesforce will be celebrating on February 22nd and the official hashtag/topic is #Success2M,So keep an eye on it, tweet and share 🙂 To contribute to the celebration,With help of Claudio Castro (Manager, Salesforce  Community),I am here with this very short blog series-“Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members “.I will be posting the next blog soon.. I checked with few community members and asked them to share their feelings for this amazing community and what they said  is worth 2 Millions  🙂 “I have been an end user for years, but really only started relying on the Success Community in the last 6-8 months. I go there daily for help!! I love that I am able  to communicate with not only my group, but other SFDC UG Leaders, MVP’s and users from around the world. One Liner for Success Community –Together, everyone achieves more!  “ –Amy Campbell (Twitter | LinkedIn)     “I am a technology enthusiast who has spent...

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Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud: Salesforce Announces this Dreamforce

  An unexpected but not that surprising (I am saying this bcoz being the most innovative company,if Salesforce won’t then who else?) ,This Dreamforce  Salesforce introduced Internet Of Things Cloud.Yes you heard it correct it is just like one of our Sales Cloud,Service Cloud,Marketing Cloud etc. What is Internet of Things? As per Wiki says “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.The Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure,creating opportunities for more direct integration between the physical world and computer-based systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. “   And like the Internet, it will create huge opportunities for companies ready to exploit it. Networking giant Cisco predicts that the opportunity represented by the Internet of Things will...

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Success Community – Featured Groups & Group Landing Pages

Let us explore new Featured Groups & Group Landing Pages!! A new enhancement in our success community was made live on 05/09/2015..Just before the Dreamforce Week. To All the fans of Success Community this is an awesome announcement..We have new Pages for features groups and Group Landing Pages available!! Success Community Featured Groups brings most vibrant official groups up front and center.These Group collections include: Product, Customer Success, User Groups, Dreamforce, and more. Success Community Group Landing Pages are available now which requires no authentication to view them,New and prospective members can  can see at-a-glance what the group is all about. Here is our new look available for our Noida User Group .This is really Awesome!! How you navigate? To access,just go to  Success Community and select featured groups option as shown here:   Or simply go to FeaturedGroups   How to Find your group you are interested? Once you are here: FeaturedGroups,you can just select any of the options below ,For example,I have selected All User Groups by Region and then selected India region    ...

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Salesforce Lightning Connect-Fast and Real Time Connect with External Data

As We Know that there is always something happening in Salesforce,In late 2014, Salesforce introduced a new way of  connecting with external systems where easily configured, a simple yet powerful point and click interface will do all the job for you!! Lets explore the Salesforce Lightning Connect!! What Exactly Salesforce Lightning Connect is? Lightning Connect is a framework that enables you to access and use external data stored outside Salesforce It integrate tables from SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, and many other data sources, in real time, without writing a single line of code. It is different from  extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools. How External Objects are different from  Custom Objects? External objects are similar to custom objects, except that they map to data that’s stored outside your Salesforce organization. Each external object relies on an external data source definition to connect with the external system’s data. Each external object definition maps to a data table on the external system. Each of the external object’s fields maps to a table...

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