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Learn Salesforce Formulas with Examples-Part 4

Inspired by a lot of problems related to formulas posted in Answers Community ,I decided to put blog series “Learn Salesforce Formulas with Examples“  and here I am with fourth post in the Series. Main motive for this blog is not to teach you how to begin with formula but how to keep a grip and make a better understanding on it..So stay tuned and I will be providing a lot of examples with explanations in this series which would help you understand more about formulas Example 16 User has a requirement where they do not have dependent picklist but they want two picklist 1 and picklist 2 to be related in such a way that If one picklist 1 is selected then picklist 2  should not be blank  AND( NOT(ISBLANK(TEXT(Picklist_Field1__c))), ISBLANK(TEXT(Picklist_Field1__c) ) Explanation:  Here AND is used to combine two conditions.TEXT(Picklist) is used to to check if the text of picklist is blank.Most important is that We could have used dependent picklist feature for above but in case We do not want...

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