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Learn Salesforce Lightning With Examples Series

Learn Salesforce Lightning With Examples

Introducing ‘Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples’ Series

Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples is the series where  We would share the key practical examples and experiments with lightning.We are focusing on Lightning Components for now and hope we come up with great stuff later in other lightning features as well.So stay tuned and enjoy our series.

Background & Blog Contributors


Gaurav JainVinay






Gaurav Jain and I had worked together on lightning project for couple of months and We decided to start a blog series to share our learning and experiments with “Lightning Lovers”.Many thanks to Gaurav for being an equal contributor to this blog series.You can connect with Gaurav at twitter and check more about him here.


Here are some pre-requisites for the blog series,Please make sure you implement those so that you are all set for implementing our examples in your developer edition org.

Using Recruiting App

Keeping in mind that our readers might be interested to practice along with us, so We decided to use Recruiting App for all the metadata reference to make sure Users need not create anything extra and just install Recruiting App by Salesforce Labs and you all good to go.You can download the app from AppExchange here.

Set up Domain Name

When you enable My Domain, references and links to Lightning resources are in the format https://<myDomain> here –How To Set Up Domain Name.Also for more details why do you want to that,check here for release notes.

Upload BootStrap Static Resource for styling purposes

Download Bootstrap to give some styling from BootStrap css  to static resource.We would refer the path of this css later in our code .

Using Developer Console

For now We are making sure that We use Developer Console for our lightning Components development and tutorials.If not worked yet on it,Check here  for the developer console tutorials.

We would also suggest you to go through this awesome Trailhead module – Lightning Components Basics so that you are familiar with Lightning Components.

Lets Get Started :

Here is the list of the blogs put on in this series :

  1. Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 1 (Creating Records using Lightning Components).
  2. Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 2 ( Handling Apex Messages using Lightning Components).
  3. Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples – Part 3 (Display and Select list of records using Wrapper Class in Lightning Component)
  4. Wait and Watch,more to come… 🙂

GitHub Repository

You can also download the code for this series from the github repository here.