India Dreamin

When I started dreaming “IndiaDreamin”

With such strong Salesforce community spread around the Globe and dreamin events taking place almost in every important region, India with the fattest Salesforce developer’s community, with large number of partners, customers and enthusiasts as well, it was really unexpected that India never hosted a Dreamin event in the past.

I still remember, since the early days of my professional career,  my mentors use to talk a lot about attending such Global events, but this was just a thought but this really got stronger, and stronger, and stronger, with time, not just within me but the Salesforce community in my region. There were occasions when this almost got decided and shaped but shattered shortly.

Finally, when I was nominated as a Salesforce MVP, as the biggest accomplishment of my career was accomplished, I moved a step forward with the strong team supporting me in every move, I finally went for it. This idea of IndiaDreamin started taking shape again, and finally went online. I looked over at IndiaDreamin as  a tribute to every individual, colleague, friend and motivator who supported me in my journey to Salesforce, a way of “GivingBack to the community”, as I believe the energy never dies, it transforms and moves from one medium to another, so I wanted to distribute this energy among  my second family called as #SalesforceOhana.

Deep Dive into India Dreamin

Not just the Indian Salesforce community, we are getting support from everywhere. Reason behind is that, IndiaDreamin is the most awaited community event and everyone voted that. With large number of Salesforce user and Developer Groups in India we are really getting strong, we really don’t even worry about presenters and speakers, as we have a large number of those within the community here. Experienced Consultants, unmatched Developers and Awesome admins that makes up to the success of Indian Community and this makes up to the foundation of Indiadreamin.

My Thoughts for the Venue

Choosing G.L.Bajaj for B.Tech was one of the Life changing events that helped me successful in my career. The recursive efforts by the Management and Staff at G.L.Bajaj, which has really been so motivational,knowledgeable and Inspiring that pushed me through the limits and made me a Technology Icon, I will always praise and admire G.L.Bajaj for helping me getting placed at TCS and kickstart my career. G.L.Bajaj is one Education Paradise in India and Region, provides unmatched knowledge and exposure for technology that helps each student to be a perfectionist in their stream.

With the start of the IndiaDreamin talks it was really a difficult task to shortlist a venue of the event. It was really very tough to make a single choice and eliminate all the rest, with the number of choices and suggestions from the community itself, I got a bit stuck on what the better choice could be for selecting a venue for first edition of such Global Gathering at “IndiaDreamin”, I finally glued up to “G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management”, biggest reason was that I am an alumni of it and “GLBITM” has every possible feature inhouse to efficiently host & Hold such crowd.

Big thought was to get back to the old school where the story of success got started, “G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management”.

Know more about India Dreamin

Deciding on what’s the best time for “IndiaDreamin”, again was so tough, I gave it a month’s time to come up with a date that suite us the best. I choose 30th Sept ’17, but why just a month before “Dreamforce’17” – The most awaited Global Salesforce Conference of the year, reason behind is I dreamed “IndiaDreamin 2017” as big as Dreamforce and to provide the Indian Salesforce Community an experience of a lifetime, to experience “Dreamforce” in India, there’s a old saying “Target the Moon, even if you miss, you may land among the stars”, so even if it doesn’t stand as big as Dreamforce but I am sure I will be able to present Mini-Dreamforce before the Indian Salesforce Community.

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